A Love Letter to the Icefields Parkway

There is no better time to explore the Icefields Parkway then in the winter time. Okay, so I might have only driven the Icefields Parkway during this time, and I know that those gorgeous glacier waters are frozen and many of the access points are closed. But as long as the conditions are the safe (read more here), there is something spiritual about driving for a minimum of 3 hours, where every second of that 3 hours is a new viewpoint, a new mountain peak, snow-covered trees, and vistas/landscapes that transcend space and time as we know it. You might be lucky if you count 50 cars during the whole trip, which means most of the time it's just you, alone, with the mountains, taking in all the sights around you, and listening to mother nature at her finest.

I could spend a whole life just driving up and down the mountains, and to me it would be a life well lived. No photo or video can do it justice. The only way to experience the Icefields Parkway is in person.

I've tried to capture some of the beauty through my photography.We start off from the South entrance at Lake Louise, Make our way up to Jasper access point, then back down again. A combination of pictures taken from December 2015 and November 2017.

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