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Winter Day Driving Trips in Jasper -- Highway 16

So, you have made it to Jasper National Park! It's the winter time, and unless you plan on doing some skiing, you may ask yourself: Where can I go? What can I see? I have accumulated a little guide to provide some insight and hopefully help you.

Although many off-highway roads are closed for the winter season, there is still plenty of itineraries you can drive your heart out of while you are staying in Jasper! As you can see from the map above, I've clustered six potential routes of winter driving that you can do while in Jasper:

ROUTE 1: Highway 16 East-West (A) Jasper Town to  (B) Mount Robson Provincial Park ( 52 km/41 minutes) and (C) Valemount (80 km/61 minutes)
ROUTE 2: Highway 16 Northeast-Southwest (A) Jasper Town to (D) Hinton, Alberta (61 minutes/79.8 km)
ROUTE 3 : Pyramid Lakes: (A) Jasper Town to  (E) Pyramid Lake (10 minutes/6.0 km)
ROUTE 4: Marmot Basin: (A) Jasper Town to (F) Marmot Basin (26 min/21.5 km)
ROUTE 5: Medicine Lake: (A) Jasper Town to (G) Medicine Lake …

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